Style Focus A°19 W°20: Soft & Contemporary Tayloring

Autumn winter 19-20 moves dynamically towards likeable and surprising fashions. It cultivates personal expression and celebrates fantasy with a note of singularity. A fully assumed nonchalance transforms citywear and drives sportswear. Eco-consciousness goes hand-in-hand with a search for meaning, functional values and a quest for originality. Fabrics and accessories give rise to tactile emotions, and decoration is anything but conventional. The collections launch the season with a caring, bold and joyfully inspiring energy.

Elegance and nonchalance flirt with a delightedly refined artlessness.

An informality embracing truly soft suppleness, comfort and fullness, in menswear and womenswear.  A conciliatory attitude to likeable alliances, which emphasises a search for silhouettes with balanced proportions, with strongly singular fabrics, for a new tailoring chic.



Tailoring for menswear and womenswear

Coats, jackets & blazers

Fluid dresses and pants

Blurred, chinés, and tweedy yarns

Cool checks & Herringbones

Mineral & pebbly surfaces