Style Focus A°19 W°20: Highly Expressive

Autumn winter 19-20 moves dynamically towards likeable and surprising fashions. The season cultivates personal expression and celebrates fantasy with a note of singularity. A fully assumed nonchalance transforms citywear and drives sportswear. Eco-consciousness goes hand-in-hand with a search for meaning, functional values and a quest for originality. Fabrics and accessories give rise to tactile emotions, and decoration is anything but conventional. The collections launch the season with a caring, bold and joyfully inspiring energy.

Taking a stand for hybridization and addition as important values.

Fashion showcases novel and incongruous blends with a charming call for freedom. Silhouettes are composed disproportionately, playing on explosive layerings and assemblies, as much in materials as in decoration.

Colour, an essential asset, is elaborated with dash and daring. Accessories accompany the clashing harmonies of the silhouettes.



Fashionable & elegant woman and men

Dressy looks, evening gowns

Hallucinatory gardens

Extra-big enlargements

Fancier colorful iridescence

Contrasting Jacquard and cut yarns