They share their experience of the October 18 show


For 3 days, last October 10th to 12th, Première Vision Istanbul welcomed over 80 exhibitors and 5000 visitors from international brands, who came to present or discover new product developments and all the latest fabric and colour innovations. Here are their thoughts on the show.


« It is great that a brand like Premiere Vision attributes importance to Istanbul & Turkey and of course our firm. I have to say that this fair is very important for us. Here, we find the opportunity to get in touch with our clients and also get to know new potential clients from abroad. »


« It’s great that there were manufacturers this year along with the fabric producers. It had a very positive impact on the visitors’ number and our sales. »
Ergun Karaalioğlu – FATTO


« It is a prestige to be at Premiere Vision. When we speak with our customers and tell them that we have attended Premiere Vision, it makes a very good impression. »
Erol Bağcıgil – FANZATİ İPLİK


« Beside the prestige that Premiere Vision gives us, this fair is inspiring for fashion and design. We work hard to be able to be here. Premiere Vision gives us foresight and creativity. I believe that only very distinguished visitors come to Premiere Vision. »
Ziynet Kahya – ZEN LED AS


« Premiere Vision is all about foresight in the sector. Thanks to Premiere Vision, we have the ability to see how to work in the next period and this is of extreme importance in the textile sector. »
Sadettin Cataner – LAMODA TEKSTİL


« We find here the possibility to express and show ourselves. This is Premiere Vision’s best feature. »
Fatih Güven – İZMİR BRODE


« It is the most important fair that is aimed at the apparel fabric sector. Premiere Vision is a leader in the sector. »


« This is the only fair we are attending, which makes you understand how significant Premiere Vision is for us. It is a great platform where brands and textile producers can get in touch and communicate. »
Ahmet Şenoğlu – SOTEKS LABEL


« Premiere Vision sets the trends and novelties  and guides the sector. It is a quality platform for visitors and exhibitors. Premiere Vision means trends, textile and colours. »


« Premiere Vision is a platform where local and foreigner customers meet. The fact that fabrics of quality and the last trends are displayed makes Premiere Vision all the more significant. »
Levent Kocamaz – LATEKS


« Premiere Vision is the number one! If I had to describe Premiere Vision in a few words I would say quality, trust and professionalism. »
Hüseyin Türkan – ÖZLEM TEKSTİL


« Premiere Vision means getting in touch with the right customer, expanding, knowing the sector, and introducing yourself to the sector. »
Gülçin Hepyüksel – GMT TEKSTİL




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