Polyteks: breathable fabrics

POLYTEKS was founded in 1986, in the Demirtaş Industrial Zone of Bursa. Since then, the factory, specialized in the manufacture of synthetic yarns, has never lost sight of top-quality targets in production. In addition to a steady rate of capacity increase, POLYTEKS has also increased its product diversity in accordance with the customer needs.

POLYTEKS operates in its own modern production plant covering area of 28.000m² on a territory of 32.000m² with solid financial structure. The production capacity is over 2,000 tons per month including POY, raw white and spun dyed FDY, texturised, air covered and twisted yarns.

One of their most demanded yarns this season is POLYCOOL branded yarns.

These yarns are channeled yarns produced with special technologies developed to provide moisture transfer properties to fabrics.

The superiority of moisture transfer from conventional moisture-absorbing yarns and fabrics is that it transports the absorbed moisture from the inner surface to the outer surface by means of channels. Thus, the person wearing a garment with this yarn does not feel any wetness even when sweaty. The part of the fabric that touches the human body always stays dry, breathes and provides a complete comfort.