Open Fashion Studio: A word from the Winners

This year, the Open Fashion Studio challenge saw 4 teams from 2 universities (Okan University and Marmara University) face each other to create the best possible sustainable bomber jacket.

In the end, the winning project was the Özdenetim project from Marmara University. Here is a word from the team:

« When we heard about the theme of sustainability, the concept of future came to our minds first. When thinking about the future, we decided to get the opinion of children who are the adults of the future. We went to two different kindergartens and we asked them to draw a picture with the CONCEPT “protection of the world”. We were very excited about the idea of bringing children and their imagination into our design. It was important for us not to lose this excitement. That’s why we tried to reflect on the enthusiasm and excitement of a child.

For our project, we developed a game logic with removable pockets, colored zippers and remarkable embroidery. Thus, we tried to capture the same excitement as the children we saw beforehand by considering the user when designing. In addition, because we were working the theme of sustainability, we used our remaining fabrics to be knotted and used in rubber parts of the design.

Özdenetim Project

We had the chance to share this project with many people thanks to the Open Fashion Studio. We had a limited amount of time to show our ideas the way we imagined, which taught us time management. We had the opportunity to exchange ideas with many important people from the Fashion world. Being in this organization was a different and beautiful experience for us.

Self-control is to control one’s behavior in order to reach a more important goal. The reason why we chose this word is the current state of the world and nature. If each of us does our part as an individual and we leave as little waste as possible, we can leave a more livable world for our future and our children.”