Bisem-Paradise: exceptional fabric manufacturing



BISEM-PARADISE Tekstil SAN. ve TIC. LTD. STI. was established in 1996 in Bursa, Turkey as a textile trading company  and is now a leading fabric manufacturer in the Textile industry. They produce fabrics for the domestic and export market and are now exporting to more than 20 countries. Many of their customers are well known large brand name retailers and with their committed team, customer satisfaction is always at the forefront of their business. They continue to grow and develop their company into an international brand.


The dye house was established in 2009 in Bursa, Turkey. The dye house production aims to meet the client’s requirements within tight deadlines. The daily capacity is around 15-20 tons depending on the fashion fabrics that are in production and the monthly capacity is between 500.000-600.000 meters.

They can produce woven fabrics using different types of fibres with or without lycra and blended fibres that can be dyed using different finishes. All the chemicals and dyes meet with International standards with OEKO TEX certificate. They can print rotationally and digitally and their designs bear the stamp of quality and distinctiveness.


The company’s weaving annual production capacity is 12 million meters and Bisem-Paradise is running more than 200 loom machines per month. All the weaving facilities are equipped with the latest air conditioning and air filtering system.


Bisem-Paradise has a well equipped research and development department. Their expert textile engineers and designers prepare two main collections per year with new fabric qualities & designs for spring-summer and autumn-winter for women wear. They also preparing two capsule collections in mid-seasons. They have already exhibited their products in fairs such as Premiere Vision-Paris, Munich Fabric Start-Germany and the London Textile Fair-U.K in 2016.


They have rotational printing with a capacity of 35-40.000mts/day and digital printing with a capacity of 10.000mts/day.


Bisem-Paradise’s fabrics are made up of mostly 100% Polyester, 100%Nylon, 100%Viscose, 100%Cotton, Nylon-Viscose, Nylon-Cotton, Pes-Viscose, Pes-Cotton-Elastane, Pes-Cotton-Nylon-Elastane, Pes-Nylon-Elastane, 100%Tencel, Tencel Blended fabrics. (jacquards, yarn-dyed checks, satin weave, plain weave etc…)