Your definition of being creative in design?

Gülçin Çengel’, ambassador of the March 2017 Première Vision Istanbul campaign, reveals her vocation and the work of fashion designer.

For me, being creative in design requires to be original, aesthetic and ergonomic at the same time.  We have created a Brand DNA, and we stick to it, which we believe is the most important tool for the consistency.  For each collection we stick to our core values, and the image&style of the woman that we created to design for, starting from tiniest accessories to couture pieces.  A person who sees a pieces from any collection, in anywhere should be able to say ‘’Yes, this piece must be Gülçin Çengel’’.  But it is also a must not to repeat yourself when trying to place this consistency.  The business management should also be sustainable, as well as the design.  That is the reason why we make 10-year business plans.