Harmanci x Première Vision Spring Summer 18

Discover the unique Harmanci know-how through images that inspired the Spring Summer season 18! Textile and photo weave tight bonds to beautifully deceive our senses!


How does it work?

DIGICOLOR System is a conversion of high-resolution images for the digital weaving process. And this is programmed for electronically controlled Jacquard machines.

This is a special weaving machine with Jumbo jacquard. It is possible to produce 1 meter width labels with indefinite length.

This technique is used of course for labels, cards, any kind of pictures, place mats, scarves, calendars, etc.

Label weaving looms are fulfilled with 8 colors; with this double jacquard machine and DIGICOLOR system you achieve incredible color range.


Although the mentality of technology is same as offset printing. In offset printing, there are four colors which is named CMYK, and here in DIGICOLOR technology, there are 8 main colors. And eventually you can produce this woven art labels with the shades of  8256 colors.


Selected among the images that inspired the Spring Summer season 18, ehese visual artworks highlight the attractive fusion between digital and material. Hyper precision and colorful blur are opposed on recto/verso, the real confronts the unreal.


Exclusive guided tour every day at 4 pm !