For the first time: EMR ZIP MUSEUM

Come and travel in the past with EMR zip museum.
26 different zippers; the oldest one is around 80-90 years old.

Life is beautiful 

Each person’s life is filled with many stories. In fact, human life is a story itself. A very short story that starting with the birth and ending with the death. Good days, bad days, beautiful days and tough days; all of them are the valuable lines of this story. Any remaining moments turn into memories in the unique immensity of the life and each moment is quite special. None of them is more important or unimportant from one another and cannot be. Because life is beautiful with every aspect and each moment is worth living.

This profession and the miracle invention “zipper” that I have devoted almost all of my life deserve such a story. I have never forgotten that my profession is not only trade or industry but it is real art. This masterpiece product, while taking part in the midst of human life also protecting the children from the cold, beautifying the dresses and making our life easier. It is valuable because it adds value to the life. I expect this museum that I realized by collecting from many different countries thorough detailed researches for decades whispers the story of the zipper to the people and reminds them the changes of the life. As if the break stations of the very long story that begins with the marvellous invention and burgeons with the continuous new-borns. Just as yours…



General Manager of EMR Zipper and also founder of the zipper museum