First of all, we start choosing the mood of the collection. When we do this, we think of: where do our customer go during the day or on a holiday, what will she buy… We pay attention to all of these details and then decide. Also we decide on a music according to the mood of the collection and while we work on it, we always listen to that specific one. What do I want to say through the collection, what will the collection tell, the story that wants to be delivered,  what will the women wear when they buy the pieces, the styling… All the details are set in advance.

Later on the colors are determined, some of the details comes with the determined colors like what material will be used… Samples are made at the same time we decide on the fabrics. Going forward, we finish up the sketches and if any styles will be done with draping we work on those and the collection comes together. One of the next step is to fit the embroideries to the pieces and the production starts.